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Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Political Science
Kalda, Anu
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Sustainable Urban Transport Planning: The Case of Tallinn
Administration and Organizations
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Master's thesis
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83 p. and 16 p. appendices
Sustainable Urban Transport Planning (SUTP) is a planning approach that aims at achieving a sustainable urban transport system in an integrated way, addressing all modes and forms of transport in a relevant geographical area. Such a wide scope is advised because urban transport and mobility problems today require multifaceted policy response, based on a long-term strategy and developed in consultation with all pertinent authorities and civil society. Some of the specific issues, which are fundamental for understanding the process of SUTP in the context of a post-socialist city like Tallinn deserve further discussion as there is little previous in-depth research available. The aim of the thesis is to study the relevant issues regarding SUTP in Tallinn. There are four main research questions for the thesis. First, what is the style of transport planning in Tallinn on the pathway to sustainable transport future? Second, how relevant is the concept of policy transfer in contributing to the transport policy making and implementation in Tallinn in order to enhance the process of SUTP? Third, if and how have the measures co-financed and/or provided by the European Union contributed to the process of SUTP in Tallinn? Fourth, what are the constraints in the process of SUTP in Tallinn? The thesis is based on primary sources consisting of interviews and official documents, and secondary sources including books and articles from academic journals. Interviews were conducted with relevant officials from the city administration and other experts dealing with urban transport issues. The study indicates that the dominant transport planning style in Tallinn represents the path of a fortress city practicing conventional planning. It can be acknowledged that some signs of progressive and negotiative planning are emerging, giving evidence of a combined case. The role of policy transfer in the transport planning issues is highly valued because learning from the experiences and mistakes of other cities facing similar problems helps finding the most suitable measures for the local circumstances. Tallinn has not, however, used direct copying while transferring policies, instruments and ideas. Rather, the focus has been on emulation of ideas behind the policies and inspirations. Research and development projects as well as different guiding documents and city networks have proven to be valuable in finding contacts and resources for implementing measures regarding sustainable transport. Both the policy transfer framework and European Union transport policy instruments can contribute to alleviating the constraints currently present in the process of SUTP.
sustainable transport planning - Tallinn European transport policy policy transfer sustainable development urban transport liikennepolitiikka - Tallinna liikennesuunnittelu - Tallinna kaupunkiliikenne - Tallinna joukkoliikenne - Tallinna
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