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  • Bank of Finland (1988)
    Bank of Finland. Bulletin
    Finland's Trade Policy and Trade Policy Agreements by Veli Sundbäck 3 Trends in Finnish Current Account in the 1980s by Tapio Peura 10 Foreign Trade in the Finnish Economy by Pentti Forsman and Tapio Peura 16 Structural Developments in Foreign Trade by Pentti Forsman 22 Finland's Foreign Trade in Services by Jorma Hilpinen and Pirkko Miikkulainen 28 Finland's Trade and Economic Cooperation with the CMEA Countries by Terhi Kivilahti 34 Finland's Commercial Relations with Developing Countries by Alec Aalto 41 High Technology in Finnish Foreign Trade by Harri Luukkanen 48 European Integration and Finland by Veli Sundbäck 52 Apart from the articles by Hilpinen and Miikkulainen and Aalto, all these articles have previously appeared in various issues of the Bulletin in 1988.
  • Bank of Finland (1991)
    Bank of Finland. Bulletin
    Preface 3 FUNCTIONS Developments in Financial Markets in the 1980s by Markku Malkamäki and Heikki Solttila 4 The Finnish Financial Markets in International Perspective by Peter Nyberg 12 The Market for Certificates of Deposit by Jarmo Kontulainen 17 Financial Options and Futures Markets by Esa Jokivuolle and Yrjö Koskinen 23 Operational Mechanisms of Central Bank Policy by Antti Suvanto 29 Banking Supervision by Jorma Aranko 36 Risk Monitoring at the Bank of Finland by K.V. Jännäri and Monica Ahlstedt 41 LEGISLATION New Deposit Bank Legislation by Pekka Laajanen 46 Securities Market Legislation by Pertti Pylkkönen 51 INSTITUTIONS Financial Institutions by Jyrki Laakso 57 Securities Market Institutions and their Functions by Markku Malkamäki 65 The Bank of Finland in a Changing Operating Environment by Markku Puntila 70.