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  • Bank of Finland (1996)
    Bank of Finland. Bulletin
    Preface 3 MAIN FEATURES Finnish financial markets: major trends and international comparisons by Markku Malkamäki and Jukka Vesala 5 MONEY AND CAPITAL MARKETS The money and foreign exchange markets by Mikko Niskanen 17 The bond market by Mikko Niskanen 23 The stock market by Karlo Kauko and Erja Saukkonen 29 The derivatives market by Kimmo Virolainen 35 Securities settlement systems by Kimmo Virolainen 43 INSTITUTIONS Instruments of monetary policy by Harri Hasko 49 Supervision of the financial markets by Esa Helakallio 55 Credit institutions by Klaus Tuori 61 Housing finance by Karlo Kauko 69 Mutual funds by Pertti Pylkkönen 73 Investment activities of insurance companies by Pertti Pylkkönen 77.
  • Bank of Finland (1984)
    Bank of Finland Monthly Bulletin. Special issue
    Preface 1 Economic policy and employment 2 The outlook for the supply of and demand for labour in Finland in the 1980s 6 Major labour market problems and income maintenance of the unemployed in Finland 11 Experiences of selective employment measures in Finland 19 Local initiatives for employment creation 26 The needs of working life in the planning of Finnish education 31 Nordic co-operation in manpower policy 38.
  • Bank of Finland (1986)
    Bank of Finland Monthly Bulletin. Special issue
    Preface 1 Finnish financial markets 3 The Bank of Finland 11 Financial institutions in Finland 17 The increased internationalization of Finnish financial markets 26 The internationalization of banking 32 Bank inspection in Finland 39 Saving and investment in Finland 45 The impact of the rate of interest and other financial factors on investment in Finland 51 Monetary policy in Finland 58.