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  • Sinkkonen, Johanna (2005)
    Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers 4/2005
    This paper makes an industry level study of labour productivity growth and its impacts.The development of productivity is analysed in 54 industries in 14 EU countries and in the US between 1979 and 2001.The conclusion of the study is that there is connection between an industry structure that leads to fast productivity growth and falling export prices.The relationship between labour productivity growth and labour compensation growth is relatively weak and therefore the majority of the efficiency resulting from the productivity growth does not benefit the labour force. Key words: industry structure, labour productivity, export prices, labour compensation
  • Holz, Carsten A.; Mehrotra, Aaron (2014)
    BOFIT Discussion Papers 3/2014
    Published in The World Economy, Vol. 39, Issue 8, Aug. 2016, Pages 1109-1127 as Wage and price dynamics in China
    This study finds that the growth in labour costs in China is not passed through fully to final prices in China, neither in the tradable goods sector nor in the economy as a whole. This probably reflects the strong pressure on profit margins from a highly competitive environment, especially in manufactured goods. The potential implications of labour cost increases in China for global inflation pressures are also discussed. Keywords: labour costs, inflation, China, global economic slack, globalization JEL Classification: E31; F42; J30
  • Holz, Carsten A. (2014)
    BOFIT Discussion Papers 13/2014
    The purpose of this paper is to ascertain how wages are being determined in China during the reform period. The paper focuses on the development of the regulatory framework since 1978 and proceeds by examining official regulations regarding labor market institutions and wage setting, and by evaluating their potential implications for actual wage setting. JEL codes: J3, J30, J31, J4, J41, J45, M5, M52, M54, M55, P2, P23 Keywords: wage determination, labor market institutions, minimum wages, wage classification system, wage level and structure, labor contracts, collective bargaining, public sector wages, wage-performance link