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  • Liikanen, Erkki (2016)
    Bank of Finland. Bulletin 1/2016
    The slowdown in the growth rates of world trade and the emerging economies as well as increased financial market uncertainties have overshadowed euro area economic activity. World trade growth is dampened particularly by weaker growth in the emerging economies, including China. In the euro area, growth continues to rest on domestic demand. In view of the weakened economic and inflation outlook, the Governing Council of the ECB decided in March 2016 on several measures in the pursuit of its price stability objective. Other significant factors with worldwide effects extending far into the future include management of climate change, large fluctuations in commodity prices and a considerable increase in population migration.
  • Bank of Finland (2016)
    Bank of Finland. Bulletin 1/2016
    World trade grew for decades considerably faster than global GDP. In recent years, the growth of international trade has slowed to the level of the GDP growth rate. Is the most hectic phase of globalisation already history? It would seem that, in the latter part of the first post-millennium decade, it was for the most part permanent structural factors that took centre stage, while transitory cyclical factors played only a minor role. Forecasts suggest world trade growth relative to global GDP is not likely to gain significant momentum in the immediate years ahead.