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  • Paloviita, Maritta (2017)
    International Economics and Economic Policy January 2017, Issue 1
    BoF DP 35/2012
    Using real time data from the OECD this study explores euro area fiscal policies since the late 1990s. The results indicate that in the so-called periphery countries (Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain) ex ante fiscal plans have been more sensitive to economic cycles in the countercyclical direction than in the other euro area countries. Accumulated debt ratios in the periphery reflect high initial debt ratios, underlying deficit biases and cumulated errors in the data on macroeconomic imbalances. Overall, reliable statistics, balanced macroeconomic developments and longer-term policy orientation are crucial for sound and sustainable public finances.
  • Herrala, Risto; Orlandi, Fabrice (2021)
    Asia & Global Economy 1 ; January
    We study the global impact of the Chinese economy based on a novel indirect approach where the spillover effect is quantified from a forecast error model under relatively favorable identifying conditions. Findings from the real-time World Economic Outlook data over the period 2004 ̶ 2015 indicate that an increase in economic growth in China had a negative impact on most other economies one to two years ahead. The estimations furthermore uncover evidence at the global level that spillover propagated by influencing prices, including global commodity prices, which tend to increase in reaction to accelerating economic growth in China.