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  • Mäki-Fränti, Petri (2016)
    Euro & talous. Analyysi
    Maakuntien väliset erot kotitalouksien käytettävissä olevissa tuloissa ovat merkittävästi pienemmät kuin erot tuotannossa asukasta kohti. Alueellinen vaihtelu selittääkin vain vähäisen osan suomalaisten tuloeroista. Viime vuosina tuloerot ovat olleet laskussa sekä maakuntien välillä että niiden sisällä.
  • Hattendorff, Christian (2015)
    BOFIT Discussion Papers 18/2015
    ​The paper investigates the relationship between economic concentration and level of financial development to illuminate the linkage of real economy structure and financial markets. Using data from 81 Russian regions for the period 2005–2011, empirical evidence is offered to show that poor diversification weakens credit. Geographical variables are used as instruments of concentration in accounting for endogeneity. This work supports previous findings at the national level that policymakers seeking to promote economic development should place stronger emphasis on output diversification.
  • Wu, Yanrui (2014)
    BOFIT Discussion Papers 20/2014
    ​China’s local government debt (LGD) has recently become the focus of economic policy debates. However, information about LGD and its impact on economic growth in the Chinese economy is scarce. This paper attempts to present an empirical investigation of the impact of China’s LGD on economic growth. It is probably the first of its kind to focus on China and thus contributes to the general literature on the relationship between government debt and economic growth. The paper first provides an assessment of LGD in China’s regional economies, using recently released auditing statistics and other available secondary information. It then applies conventional growth analysis methods to examine the impact of LGD on regional growth in China. Various scenario and sensitivity analyses are also conducted, to accommodate the inadequacy and potentially poor quality of debt statistics. Publication keywords: local government debt, regional growth, China