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  • Herrala, Risto (2018)
    Bank of Finland Bulletin. Blog
    While the Caucasian and Central Asian (CCA) regions host ethnically and culturally diverse populations, and are difficult to traverse due to the challenging geography, the countries have a long history of political and economic integration. Much of the region was ruled by Timur in the 14th to 16th centuries and, after being separated by Persian invasion in Caucasus and Chinese invasion in Central Asia, the Russian invasion in the 1700’s brought the two again under a shared rule. Subsequently, the CCA became part of the Soviet Union, and the national borders of today were to a large extent drawn during that era as the borders of the Soviet national republics.
  • Korhonen, Iikka; Simola, Heli (2022)
    BOFIT Policy Brief 2/2022
    Published in Asian Economic Papers online
    In this note, we review recent data concerning Russia’s economic integration with other countries. We first analyze the general picture of Russia’s economic integration with the rest of the world and the importance of foreign economic relations for the country. We then turn to China, an increasingly significant economic partner for Russia. The European Union remains Russia’s most important trading partner and is by far the most important source of foreign direct investment to Russia as well as sources of other financing. China’s importance to Russia has also increased, especially with respect to merchandise trade.
  • Bank of Finland (2008)
    Editorial+Borrowing constraints, shocks and house price dynamics: perspectives from an OLG model+Exploring the relationship between banks' liquidity outlook, credit risk monitoring and bank runs+Economic integration of Russia and China
  • Bank of Finland (2013)
    Research Newsletter 3/2012
    Editorial: Are search frictions important for aggregate adjustment? 1 Search frictions and labour market dynamics 2 Conference on European Economic Integration 8 Events 10 Recent Bank of Finland research publications 11