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  • Bank of Finland (2016)
    Bank of Finland. Bulletin 4/2016
    The oil market drifted into an imbalance in 2014 as supply grew and demand was subdued. Oil prices have subsequently dropped, from around USD 110 per barrel to the current level of just under USD 50 per barrel. According to futures prices monitored in the Bank of Finland forecast for the international economy, oil prices will rise only slightly in the near future. Futures prices are however surrounded with considerable uncertainty.
  • Nuutilainen, Riikka; Rautava, Jouko (2020)
    BOFIT Policy Brief 2/2020
    This paper examines the development of economic relations between Russia and China in recent years, focusing on how the slowdown in China’s growth and changes in its economic structures might impact Russia’s economic outlook and the future of China-Russia economic relations. Economic relations between the countries have progressed favorably over the past decade with increased trade and Russian oil exports to China buoying Russian economic growth. While this trade cooperation has served both countries’ interests, it has also reinforced Russia’s dependence on commodity exports. Like the rest of the world, Russia has to deal with China’s slowing economic growth. Those repercussions, however, are particularly challenging in Russia’s case.