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  • Saajasto, Tiina (2005)
    BOFIT Online 2005:13
    The Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT) conducted a web site user survey on its web pages between the periods 23 May 9 September 2005.The purpose of the survey was to gather information on the use of BOFIT s web site and the sufficiency of its contents, and to request suggestions for improvement.The general impression was that BOFIT s web site is visited on a fairly regular basis and that the users seem relatively satisfied with the site.The users gave good suggestions for additional improvements. The survey results will be used for further developing BOFIT s web site. Key words: BOFIT, web site, user survey
  • Hilpinen, Jorma (1995)
    Suomen Pankin keskustelualoitteita 25/1995
    In order to bridge the lack of the official foreign stade statistics compiled by the Board of Customs caused by Finland's entry into the EU and to secure the availibility of current account estimates with a five week delay, the Bank of Finland decided in the autumn 1994 that a special survey for foreign trade will be built.It was felt necessary that the balance of payments statistics must continue to come out without any halt.It seems evident that within rather wide limits exports and imports can be estimated with the cut-off survey.However, monthly variations being very large, it is of utmost difficulty to give precise monthly estimates for the trade balance.The current preliminaries produced by the Bank as well as by the Customs may give wrong signals to the market if single monthly observations are concerned. The Bank of Finland survey data may describe the underlying developments in the foreign stability with reasonable reliability. In addition, the use of robust economic relationships could be one way to economize and to speed up statistical systems.However, to have consistent short term information on trade balance, only one reliable information system is no doubt preferred.Therefore, the Board of Customs should make every effort to make their statistical system functional so that information are available with only a few weeks delay and the reliability of the old foreign trade statistic could be reached.
  • Hilpinen, Jorma (2001)
    Suomen Pankin tilasto-osaston työpapereita; Bank of Finland statistics department working papers 1/2001
  • Oinonen, Sami; Paloviita, Maritta (2017)
    Journal of Business Cycle Research 2
    This study examines short- and long-term inflation expectations in the unbalanced panel of the ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters. We focus on dispersion of forecaster views comparing two sub-groups of survey respondents based on forecast accuracy. We then examine possible differences between regular and irregular forecasters, and assess the impacts of varying panel composition on aggregated survey information. Our analysis indicates that survey participation is not necessarily completely random, i.e., statistically independent of forecaster views or confidence levels. While the study provides evidence that aggregated survey responses are generally a reliable proxy for inflation expectations in the euro area, one should also pay attention to expectations at the micro level, especially in periods of increased forecast uncertainty.
  • Oinonen, Sami; Paloviita, Maritta (2016)
    Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers 15/2016
    Journal of Business Cycle Research, 13, 2017: 139 - 163
    This study examines aggregated short- and long-term inflation expectations in the unbalanced panel of the ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters. The focus of the study is on heterogeneity of expectations and changing panel composition. First, we compare two sub-groups of survey respondents divided on the basis of forecast accuracy. Then, we examine possible differences between regular and irregular forecasters. Finally, we assess the relevance of aggregated forecast revisions in the unbalanced panel by constructing alternative forecast revisions based on the set of sub-panels of fixed composition. The results show that, because of heterogeneity across individual views, aggregated inflation expectations in the ECB SPF must be analysed also on a micro level.
  • Nordquist, Lasse (1991)
    Suomen Pankin tilasto-osaston työpapereita; Bank of Finland statistics department working papers 2/91
  • Kuismanen, Mika; Spolander, Mikko (1994)
    Suomen Pankin keskustelualoitteita 21/1994
    This paper gives a short overview of how inflation expectations are measured in Finland and considers the possibilities of using such data to predict actual inflation. In Finland, there are three regularly published surveys, which include questions on ex post perceptions and/or ex ante expectations of the direction of change in the general price level or in the inflation rate.They are conducted by Statistics Finland (TK), the Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers (TT) and the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (HS). In the TK data expectations match realized rates of inflation quite well but the time series is too short.In the TT data the time series is long enough but the match between expectations and realized rates is poor.In HS data the match is quite good and the time series covers more than one business cycle. According to the correlation analysis, it seems that the TK data and the HS data could be used to form some kind of estimate of the future rate of consumer price inflation.By contrast, the TT data is probably better for predicting wholesale, producer or export price inflation. Although the HS data seems to offer us the best modelling possibilities, it is not very useful as a single exogenous variable in explaining realized rates of inflation.The small number of observations alone limits the use of advanced econometric methods and several exogenous variables.With the accumulation of more observations over time, however, we will be able to expand the model and the use of alternative data.For particular, the TK data seems quite promising.
  • Saajasto, Tiina (2005)
    BOFIT Online 2005:11
    BOFITin Internet-sivulla toteutettiin käyttäjäkysely 23.5. 9.9.2005 välisenä aikana.Kyselyllä kerättiin tietoa laitoksen Internet-sivujen käytöstä ja sivuston sisällön riittävyydestä sekä kysyttiin lukijoiden kehitysehdotuksia sivuston sisällön suhteen. Yleisvaikutelmaksi jäi, että BOFITin Internet-sivustolla käydään varsin säännöllisesti ja että käyttäjät ovat suhteellisen tyytyväisiä sivuston antiin.Lukijat esittivät myös hyviä kehittämisideoita. Kyselyssä saatuja tuloksia tullaan käyttämään laitoksen Internet-sivujen kehittämiseen. Asiasanat: BOFIT, Internet-sivusto, käyttäjäkysely
  • Hilpinen, Jorma (1992)
    Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers 34/1992
    Esityksessä tarkastellaan yrityskyselyjen osuutta Suomen maksutasetilastojen laadinnassa. Esityksessä kuvataan vastikään uusittu kyselykäytäntö ja perustellaan vastaajajoukon rajoittamista yritysjoukkojen jakautumia ja niiden tunnuslukuja esittämällä.