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  • Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen (2011)
    BOFIT Discussion Papers 33/2011
    Published in The Journal of Law & Economics, Vol. 58, No. 2 (May 2015), pp. 451-480 by Alexei Karas, William Pyle and Koen Schoors
    Russia's tremendous inter-regional variation in the pace of industrial land rights reform has meant that geography has helped determine the current tenure status of firms' production plots as much as any individual firm characteristics. By exploiting both this difference in the pace with which land reform has been carried out across Russia's federal subjects and a unique micro-level dataset, we present evidence strongly consistent with the proposition that more secure rights to land facilitate access to external financing. This finding is confirmed by other evidence from the survey that points to private land serving as an important source of collateral for Russian lenders and borrowers. JEL: 016, P25, P31, R14, R52 Keywords: industrial land, property rights, Russia, collateral
  • Haataja, Kyösti (1923)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 3 ; 6 ; June
  • Haataja, Kyösti (1928)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 8 ; 12 ; December
  • Pyle, William (2009)
    Bofit. Focus/Opinion. Expert view 4/2009
  • Pyle, William (2009)
    Bofit. Focus/Opinion. Asiantuntijan näkemys 4/2009
  • Pyle, William (2011)
    BOFIT Discussion Papers 26/2011
    The voluminous literature on the privatization of Russian industry overlooks, almost completely, the story of enterprise land rights - a story that does not jibe well with the standard narrative of post-Soviet reform. This paper explains the path that has led to significant inter-regional variation in the ownership status of lands underneath urban industrial enterprises. It then introduces unique data from a survey of 359 large industrial firms across several dozen of Russia's largest cities to explore why some firms have purchased their production plots whereas others continue to lease or hold these lands under the old Soviet system of tenure. In exploring both inter-regional and inter-firm variation in land rights, we find evidence consistent with the proposition that the decisions of regional officials and (the managers and owners of) firms are guided by securing rights over real estate rents. Keywords: urban land, property rights, Russia JEL codes: K11, L6, P26, P31, R33
  • Laisaari, Mauno (1948)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 22 ; 3-4 ; March-April
  • Ilvessalo, Yrjö (1932)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 12 ; 10 ; October