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  • Öberg, Svante (2000)
    Bank of Finland. Bulletin 74 ; 2
  • Hendunen, Harry (1986)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 60 ; 6-7 ; June-July
  • Helelä, Timo; Paunio, J.J. (1967)
    Bank of Finland. Series D 17
    At a meeting on March 15, 1965 Talousneuvosto (Economic Council) decided to request an expert opinion on "the problems and guidelines for a study on incomes policy". In this memorandum we give our views on incomes policy in general and suggest an approach for its application in Finland.
  • (1975)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 49 ; 4 ; April
  • Hendunen, Harry (1983)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 57 ; 5 ; May
  • Hendunen, Harry (1984)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 58 ; 5 ; May
  • (1972)
    Bank of Finland. Monthly Bulletin 46 ; 5 ; May
  • Tyrväinen, Timo (1989)
    Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers 22/1989
    This paper reviews recent research on different modes of bargaining and their impact on economic performance. The aim is to examine whether a shift from a centralized bargaining procedure towards a less centralized mode would be favourable. The case is discussed in the special Scandinavian context where the relevant option is a shift from highly centralized wage bargaining to permanent industry-level bargaining. We wish to find out whether any of the existing research using a variety of models - both theoretical and empirical ones would support the proposed shift. We did not find any strong argument in favour of it.
  • Öberg, Svante (2000)
    Ruotsin tilastokeskuksen pääjohtajan Svante Öbergin mukaan palkkaneuvotteluissa päästään helpommin sopimukseen, kun neuvotteluosapuolilla on käytettävissään samat riippumattomat ja luotettavat selvitykset talouden ja työmarkkinoiden kehityksestä kotimaassa ja ulkomailla.Tueksi tarvitaan myös yhteisiä keskustelufoorumeita.