Bank of Finland 200 years I: Imperial cashier to central bank

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Titel: Bank of Finland 200 years I: Imperial cashier to central bank
Författare: Kuusterä, Antti ; Tarkka, Juha
Utgivningsår: 2011
Utgivningsdatum: 12.1.2011
Sidor: 647
Utgivare: Otava
Subject (yso): historiikit; historia; taloushistoria; rahapolitiikka
Nyckelord: Suomi; Suomen Pankki; keskuspankit
Innehållsförteckning: 6 Acknowledgements 9 Prologue 19 International intrigue engulfs Finland 32 Northern European monetary conditions at the time of foundation 41 Early banking in the Kingdom of Sweden 63 Monetary development in Russia 73 First promises of a Bank of Finland 90 A convoluted creation process 111 Slowly moving Finland 118 The Bank of Finland's early years 145 The Bank as a lender, 1813-1840 157 Efforts to replace Swedish currency 165 Sweden's currency reform 172 The rouble goes back on silver 180 Finland prepares for a reform 197 Bank of Finland regulations 1840 205 International development of central banking principles 214 Monetary consequences of the Crimean War 220 Russia fails to return to silver standard 226 Towards monetary reform in Finland 247 Effects of the state fund reform 250 The Bank of Finland as a lender 1841-1867 261 The Bank of the Estates 272 Subordinate to the Diet 278 International moves to gold 286 War in the Balkans prolongs rouble weakness 288 Finland moves to the gold standard 299 Fixing of the rouble to gold 306 Demands for monetary unification 313 The economy picks up 320 Monetary policy under the gold standard 334 Becoming a central bank 353 Structures of governance 370 Operations and staff 394 The World war and monetary system 410 Bank of Finland during the civil war months 438 Bank's finances in the crisis years 446 Ground zero: monetary policy in 1918-19 460 Back to the gold standard 484 Monetary policy on the gold standard 503 Currency crisis, gold standard abandoned 522 The sterling club 535 The Bank of Finland as bank rescuer 544 A more bank-like appearance 551 Fast turnover among board members 565 Banking in the 1920s and 1930s 592 The Parliamentary Supervisory Council 600 Through fortune and adversity to "a magnificent undertaking" 626 Appendix 629 Sources and literature 643 Name index

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