Banks’ share in corporate finance has increased in Finland

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Titel: Banks’ share in corporate finance has increased in Finland
Författare: Pylkkönen, Pertti
Institution: Bank of Finland
Serie: Bank of Finland. Bulletin
Serievolum: 89
Serienumber: 2/2015
Utgivningsår: 2015
Utgivningsdatum: 9.6.2015
Sidor: 27-32
Subject (yso): yritykset; rahoitus; saatavuus
Nyckelord: yritysrahoitus; rahoituksen saatavuus; pääomamarkkinaunioni; Suomi; pkt; pankkitoiminta; luotonanto
Andra nyckelord: corporate finance; access to finance; Capital Markets Union; Finland
Abstrakt: The financial difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in the euro area are gradually easing. Finance surveys indicate that access to finance has continued to be unconstrained in Finland, but the terms and conditions of loans are tightening. Collateral requirements are increasing, as is the use of various loan covenants in corporate finance.

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