Finland falling further behind euro area growth

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Titel: Finland falling further behind euro area growth
Institution: Bank of Finland
Serie: Bank of Finland. Bulletin
Serievolum: 89
Serienumber: 3/2015
Utgivningsår: 2015
Utgivningsdatum: 30.6.2015
Sidor: 6-21
Subject (yso): taloudelliset ennusteet; ennusteet; talouskasvu
Nyckelord: Suomi; suhdanteet; taloudelliset katsaukset
Andra nyckelord: forecast; Finland
Abstrakt: Economic growth in Finland has been slow for a prolonged period, both historically and by international comparison. In recent years, growth has been depressed not only by the weak international economy, but also by sectoral and structural problems, such as an ageing population and lacklustre productivity development. In the forecast years 2015–2017, the economy will start to grow sluggishly as the export markets revive. The continued accommodative stance of monetary policy will also help support growth.
Anmärking: Bank of Finland forecast

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