1917 Pankkivaltuusmiesten pöytäkirjat


In this directory, the minutes of the Bank of Finland’s Supervisory Council from 1917 will be published “in real time”, i.e. whenever 100 years has passed from the preparation of the minutes. The minutes were written by hand, and they also include enclosures. The Bank of Finland’s Supervisory Council convened more than 80 times in 1917. This shows that the Supervisory Council played an active part in the Bank of Finland’s governance. The minutes convey a picture of the everyday activity of the money markets in a stormy year of revolutions. Some of the meetings were short and technical, and only handled, for example, the incineration of banknotes due for destruction. Many of the minutes, however, record highly fundamental discussions on the Bank’s role in a rapidly changing environment and, for example, foreign exchange policy. A blog entry on the most important meetings will be published in the Bank of Finland’s “1917” blog, which will be written by Senior Adviser Juha Tarkka and Historical Researcher Vappu Ikonen.

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