Payment and Settlement Systems in Finland

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Title: Payment and Settlement Systems in Finland
Organization: Suomen Pankki
Series: Suomen Pankki. A
Series number: 88
Year of publication: 1993
Publication date: 15.12.1993
Pages: 240
Subject (yso): maksujärjestelmät; clearing
Keywords: Suomi; clearing/settlement
Table of contents: Foreword 5 Payment Systems: Overview and Prospects 9 Ralf Pauli Cash 21 Seppo Eriksson - Tom Kokkola Banks' Payment Systems 59 Markku Hirvonen - Maija Keskinen - Eero Kostamo - Vuokko Pitkänen - Juhani Saarento - Timo Ylitalo The Bank of Finland Interbank Funds Transfer System and Payment Clearing 109 Marianne Palva Intemational Payments 121 Jyrki Aarnio - Mervi Arponen - Jorma Hilpinen - Leena Karlsson - Markku Kemppainen - Lea Latva-Pukkila - Hannu Lohikoski - Risto Savolainen - Olavi Setälä - Hannu Wiksten Clearing and Settlement of Securities Transactions: Description, Regulation and Intemational Recommendations 161 Maritta Vehmas Book-Entry Securities System and Clearing and Settlement of Book-Entry Transactions 177 Liisa Jauri Clearing and Settlement of Money Market Transactions at the Helsinki Money Market Center 187 Erkki Vehkamäki Trading, Clearing and Settlement on the Helsinki Stock Exchange 199 Juha Kaiponen Standardized Derivatlves: Trading and Clearing Jan Forsbom - Timo Laitinen New Payment Systems and the Central Bank Harri Hasko - Harri Lahdenperä - Ossi Leppänen - Antti Suvanto Literature on Payment Systems

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