Minutes of Bank of Finland Supervisory Council meetings from 1919


In this directory, the minutes of the Bank of Finland’s Supervisory Council from 1919 are published in ‘real time’, i.e. whenever 100 years has passed from the preparation of the minutes. The minutes were written by hand and also include enclosures. The Bank of Finland’s Supervisory Council convened 35 times in 1919.

The minutes show that some of the meetings were short and technical in nature, dealing only with such matters as the burning of banknotes designated for destruction. Many of the minutes, however, record fundamental discussions on the Bank’s role in a rapidly changing environment and, for example, foreign exchange policy. After the 1918 Civil War and the chaotic banknote situation that followed in its wake, one of the Bank of Finland’s and the Parliamentary Supervisory Council’s most important tasks was to stabilise the value of the markka and restore public confidence in the markka and its authenticity. This was also the year when Väinö Tanner embarked on his career as Member of the Parliamentary Supervisory Council – a career that was to extend over six decades.

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