Meta-analysis of Chinese business cycle correlation

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Titel: Meta-analysis of Chinese business cycle correlation
Författare: Fidrmuc, Jarko ; Korhonen, Iikka
Serie: Pacific Economic Review
Serievolum: 23
Serienumber: 3
Utgivningsår: 2018
Utgivningsdatum: 3.8.2018
Publicerad i: Published in BOFIT Discussion Papers 6/2015.
Sidintervall: 385-410
Utgivare: Wiley
Subject (yso): suhdannevaihtelut; synkronointi
Nyckelord: suhdanteet; Kiina; Aasia
JEL: E32; F34
Andra nyckelord: China; business cycle synchronization; meta-analysis
Abstrakt: We review previous research on China's business cycle correlation with other economies applying meta‐analysis. We survey 71 papers analysing the different periods of Chinese economic development since the 1950s that were published in English or Chinese. We confirm that Pacific Rim economies in particular have relatively high business cycle correlation with China. It appears that many characteristics of the studies and authors influence the reported degree of business cycle synchronization. For instance, Chinese‐language papers report higher correlation coefficients. Despite this, we do not detect robust evidence for publication bias in the papers. Moreover, we show that the broad evidence does not confirm the popular decoupling hypothesis.

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