Annual report 2020

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Titel: Annual report 2020
Institution: Financial Supervisory Authority
Utgivningsår: 2021
Utgivningsdatum: 30.4.2021
Sidor: 54
Subject (yso): rahoitusmarkkinat; rahoituslaitokset; pankit; sääntely; valvonta
Nyckelord: Suomi; finanssivalvonta
Innehållsförteckning: Year 2020 in figures 3 Director General’s review 4 Summary of FIN-FSA’s activities in 2020 9 State of financial markets 10 Supervision responsive to changing operating environment 16 Themes of 2020 24 Fast decisions supported banks’ resilient operation in exceptional circumstances 26 Unemployment funds coped through coronavirus pandemic despite record growth in number of applications and claims expenses 30 Digital finance gaining ground – European Commission strategy to accelerate development 33 Risk-based approach is a cornerstone of anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing 36 Suspicions of market manipulation and abuse of inside information are detected and investigated increasingly effectively 39 Management and personnel 42 Board 43 Management Group 45 Financial Supervisory Authority in brief 47 Strategy of the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) 2020−2022 49 Appendices Total number of supervised and other fee-paying entities 50 Expenses and funding 51 Set supervision fees 52 Processing fees 53 Case management 54 Unless otherwise indicated, all texts refer to the year under review 2020

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