Financial Market Report (SP) (2003-2013)


The Financial Market Report covers current issues in the financial markets as well as describing the most recent developments within these markets. The report is published twice a year.

Recent Submissions

  • Bank of Finland (2013)
    Financial market report 2/2013
    1 Financial intermediation 4 1.1 Banks' role in financing Finnish companies has diminished 4 1.2 Housing corporation loans from MFIs increasing strongly 7 2 Banks and insurance companies 10 2.1 Banks' non-performing loans increase in the euro area, decrease in the United States 10 2.2 Bank's position relative to other banks explains contagion in the European money markets 12 3 Securities markets 13 3.1 SEU's CSD Regulation strengthens the single market and improves the rules for securities settlement 13 3.2 Stock of bonds issued by Finnish enterprises growing at a rapid pace 15 3.3 Bond and money market funds maintain their position in the investment fund markets 17 4 Infrastructure 19 4.1 Several euro area countries already limit large cash payments 19 4.2 Contactless payment is changing the way we make card payments 22 5 Key regulatory and supervisory initiatives 23 5.1 Single Resolution Mechanism will protect taxpayers from costs of banking crises 23 5.2 Many European countries impose restrictions on banks' housing lending 25 5.2.1 The legislative basis for the use of macroprudential tools 25 5.2.2 New tools for the regulation of capital adequacy 26 5.2.3 Use of instruments that influence housing lending 27 5.2.4 Liquidity requirements 28
  • Vauhkonen, Jukka (2013)
    Bank of Finland. Financial market report 2
    EU countries have contrary to the general view a relatively large amount of experience in using potential macroprudential tools, even if the specific purpose for their use has not been to ward off systemic risks and strengthen the stability of the financial system. Half of the countries in the EU have imposed a loan-to-value cap on housing loans, if differently defined and used for different purposes. Some countries also have experience with the use of capital adequacy requirements for banks in excess of the EU s minimum requirements.
  • Koskinen, Jenni (2013)
    Bank of Finland. Financial market report 2
    The EU's future CSD Regulation allows authorised CSDs to provide services throughout the EU. A new settlement period (T+2) will soon be introduced on the equities market. Those settling later will be subject to an effective sanctioning system.
  • Koskinen, Kimmo; Toivanen, Mervi (2013)
    Bank of Finland. Financial market report 2
    Banks' financial results have recently been pronouncedly better in the United States than in the euro area. The difference is largely explained by weaker economic activity and strong increases in impairment losses in the euro area. Losses of banks in Southern European countries, in particular, have expanded significantly.
  • Takala, Kari (2013)
    Bank of Finland. Financial market report 2
    In the aftermath of the financial crisis, several EU countries have limited the use of cash for large payments, in order to curb the grey economy. Many countries popular with tourists have more relaxed legislation on the use of cash by foreigners.