BOFIT China Review (yearbooks 2004-2006)


A four-page quarterly survey in English focusing exclusively in developments in the Chinese economy, public finances, and financial markets. In addition to this regular coverage, each issue contains commentary from an expert (opinion). Each year includes four issues.

Recent Submissions

  • Koivu, Tuuli (ed.) (2007)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Opinion 1/2006: Hard data vs. sentiment indicators - Do they give the same picture of the Chinese economy? by Aaron Mehrotra and Jouko Rautava 2/2006: Total factor productivity projections cloud China's long-term growth prospects by Juuso Kaaresvirta 3/2006: Improving Banking Supervision by David G Mayes, Liisa Halme and Aarno Liuksila 4/2006: Can exchange rate policy reduce China's trade surplus? by Alicia Garcia-Herrero and Tuuli Koivu
  • Koivu, Tuuli (ed.) (2005)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Opinion No 1/2005 Barbara Bils and Tuuli Koivu Regional inequalities widening further in China No 2/2005 Margit Molnar The challenges facing public spending policy No 3/2005 Irène Hors China’s governance in transition: Adjusting relations across levels of government No 4/2005 Aaron Mehrotra Mainland China’s experience with deflation – A comparison with Japan and Hong Kong
  • Koivu, Tuuli (ed.) (2005)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Opinion No 1-2/2004 Andy G. Ji: Chinese stock market struggles to find its place in the SOE reform No 3/2004 Tapio Korhonen: Monetary regulation in a changing China No 4/2004 Mikael Mattlin: Trade effects of Taiwanese investment in Mainland China