BOFIT China Review (yearbooks 2004-2006)


Fyrsidig översikt på engelska som redogör för den ekonomiska utvecklingen, de offentliga finanserna och finanssektorn i Kina. På den fjärde sidan av publikationen finns en expertartikel (opinion). Publikationen utkom fyra gånger om året.

Nyligen publicerat

  • Koivu, Tuuli (ed.) (2007)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Opinion 1/2006: Hard data vs. sentiment indicators - Do they give the same picture of the Chinese economy? by Aaron Mehrotra and Jouko Rautava 2/2006: Total factor productivity projections cloud China's long-term growth prospects by Juuso Kaaresvirta 3/2006: Improving Banking Supervision by David G Mayes, Liisa Halme and Aarno Liuksila 4/2006: Can exchange rate policy reduce China's trade surplus? by Alicia Garcia-Herrero and Tuuli Koivu
  • Koivu, Tuuli (ed.) (2005)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Opinion No 1/2005 Barbara Bils and Tuuli Koivu Regional inequalities widening further in China No 2/2005 Margit Molnar The challenges facing public spending policy No 3/2005 Irène Hors China’s governance in transition: Adjusting relations across levels of government No 4/2005 Aaron Mehrotra Mainland China’s experience with deflation – A comparison with Japan and Hong Kong
  • Koivu, Tuuli (ed.) (2005)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Opinion No 1-2/2004 Andy G. Ji: Chinese stock market struggles to find its place in the SOE reform No 3/2004 Tapio Korhonen: Monetary regulation in a changing China No 4/2004 Mikael Mattlin: Trade effects of Taiwanese investment in Mainland China