BOFIT Russia Review (yearbooks 1998-2006)


A four-page monthly survey in English focusing exclusively in recent developments in the Russian economy, public finances, and financial markets. In addition to this regular coverage, each issue contains commentary from an expert (Opinion/Focus). 1998-2003 the name of the publication was Russian economy - The month in review.

Recent Submissions

  • Rautava, Jouko (ed.) (2007)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page No 1/2006 Vesa Korhonen Delicate nominal rouble rate No 2/2006 Sergey Nikolaenko A closer look at Russia’s goal of doubling GDP No 3/2006 Natalia Orlova Russian banks facing lending constraints and higher systemic risk No 4/2006 Merja Tekoniemi Russia’s housing sector – on the verge of a better future? No 5/2006 Ivan Rozhinskiy Russian banking – state vs. foreigners No 6/2006 Vesa Korhonen CIS free trade – no quick fix No 7-8/2006 Merja Tekoniemi Market economy is … plus the electrification of the whole country! No 9/2006 Vladimir Pantyushin Russian investment levels hardly adequate No 10/2006 Nienke Oomes and Katerina Kalcheva Diagnosing Dutch Disease: Does Russia have the symptoms? No 11/2006 Dmitriy Plekhanov Russia’s automotive industry: looking under the hood No 12/2006 Pekka Sutela Are we able to forecast Russian long-term growth?
  • Rautava, Jouko (ed.) (2006)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page No 1/2005 Kai Mykkänen Is the Kyoto treaty profitable for Russia? No 2/2005 Tatiana Dolgopyatova Small business in Russia No 3/2005 Pekka Sutela The political economy of Putin’s Russia No 4/2005 Simon-Erik Ollus Some insights for Russia’s Stabilisation Fund No 5/2005 Ksenia Yudaeva Reconsidering innovation in Russian firms No 6/2005 Simon-Erik Ollus Is lower output growth here to stay? No 7/2005 Seija Lainela Russia’s financial situation No 8-9/2005 Peter Westin Dutch Disease: Diagnosing Russia No 10/2005 Pekka Sutela EU–Russia relations: roadmaps and beyond No 11/2005 Dmitriy Plekhanov The impacts and consequences of rouble appreciation No 12/2005 Jouko Rautava Re-emerging statism and Russia’s future challenges
  • Lainela, Seija (ed.) (2005)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page No 1/2004 Tuuli Juurikkala: Survey assesses social responsibility of Russian firms No 2/2004 Seija Lainela: Wanted – Investment in Russia No 3/2004 Tapio Korhonen: Russia’s large foreign currency inflows causing liquidity problems No 4/2004 Jouko Rautava: Russia’s growth prospects for 2004–2006 No 5/2004 Aku Alanen: Russian education levels surprisingly low No 6/2004 Steven Rosefielde: Military industrial revival in Russia? No 7-8/2004 Jukka Pirttilä: Democracy key for Russia’s long-term growth No 9/2004 Gundi Royle: Gas in Russia – The drive to liberalise meets industrial reality No 10/2004 Tapio Korhonen: What could Russia do with its external financial surplus? No 11/2004 Antti Helanterä and Simon-Erik Ollus: Why they, why not we? Explaining Russia’s poor competitiveness No 12/2004 Tuomas Komulainen: Is Russia all that different from its emerging market peers?
  • Lainela, Seija (ed.) (2004)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page No 1/2003 Opinion: Are we transitioned yet? by David Lehrer No 2/2003 Opinion: Reforming Russia’s educational system by Abdur Chowdhury and Inna Verbina No 3/2003 Opinion: Registered unemployment in Russia: Does it matter? by Eugene Nivorozhkin No 4/2003 Opinion: Banking reform in Russia: A window of opportunity? by Abdur Chowdhury No 5/2003 Opinion: Economic welfare effects of EU and CIS integration Pekka Sulamaa and Mika Widgrén No 6/2003 Opinion: Why favour incumbent firms? by Laura Solanko No 7-8/2003 Opinion: Russia – a grain exporter? by Merja Tekoniemi No 9/2003 Opinion: Labour market adjustment in Russia by Natalia V. Smirnova No 10/2003 Focus: Corporate governance in Russia slow to emerge by Seija Lainela No 11/2003 Opinion: WTO accession: What’s in it for Russia? by Abdur Chowdhury No 12/2003 Opinion: Reform of the Russian forest sector by Pertti Veijola
  • Lainela, Seija (ed.) (2003)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page 1 / 2002 Vesa Korhonen: Looking at the Russian economy in 2001-02 2 / 2002 Jouko Rautava: Don’t belittle the role of oil prices for the Russian economy 3 / 2002 Tuuli Juurikkala: Russia’s northwest regions in 2001 and the challenges ahead 4 / 2002 Matti Anttonen: A turning point in Russia’s WTO negotiations? 5 / 2002 Mirja Azeem: Finnish firms see more business in Russia - and reform needs 6 / 2002 Ilkka Salonen: The role of foreign direct investment in the Russian banking sector 7-8 / 2002 Pertti Naulapää: The dismal state of Russia’s heavy machinery industries 9 / 2002 Sergey Nikolaenko: Problems of economic statistics in Russia 10 / 2002 Hannu Hernesniemi: Emerging industrial clusters in Northwest Russia 11 / 2002 Pekka Sutela: Proximity policy - just another slogan?