BOFIT Russia Review (yearbooks 1998-2006)


Fyrsidig översikt på engelska som redogör för den ekonomiska utvecklingen, de offentliga finanserna och finanssektorn i Ryssland under den gångna månaden. På den fjärde sidan av publikationen finns en expertartikel (Opion/Focus). Åren 1998–2 003 utkom publikationen under namnet Russian economy – The month in review.

Nyligen publicerat

  • Rautava, Jouko (ed.) (2007)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page No 1/2006 Vesa Korhonen Delicate nominal rouble rate No 2/2006 Sergey Nikolaenko A closer look at Russia’s goal of doubling GDP No 3/2006 Natalia Orlova Russian banks facing lending constraints and higher systemic risk No 4/2006 Merja Tekoniemi Russia’s housing sector – on the verge of a better future? No 5/2006 Ivan Rozhinskiy Russian banking – state vs. foreigners No 6/2006 Vesa Korhonen CIS free trade – no quick fix No 7-8/2006 Merja Tekoniemi Market economy is … plus the electrification of the whole country! No 9/2006 Vladimir Pantyushin Russian investment levels hardly adequate No 10/2006 Nienke Oomes and Katerina Kalcheva Diagnosing Dutch Disease: Does Russia have the symptoms? No 11/2006 Dmitriy Plekhanov Russia’s automotive industry: looking under the hood No 12/2006 Pekka Sutela Are we able to forecast Russian long-term growth?
  • Rautava, Jouko (ed.) (2006)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page No 1/2005 Kai Mykkänen Is the Kyoto treaty profitable for Russia? No 2/2005 Tatiana Dolgopyatova Small business in Russia No 3/2005 Pekka Sutela The political economy of Putin’s Russia No 4/2005 Simon-Erik Ollus Some insights for Russia’s Stabilisation Fund No 5/2005 Ksenia Yudaeva Reconsidering innovation in Russian firms No 6/2005 Simon-Erik Ollus Is lower output growth here to stay? No 7/2005 Seija Lainela Russia’s financial situation No 8-9/2005 Peter Westin Dutch Disease: Diagnosing Russia No 10/2005 Pekka Sutela EU–Russia relations: roadmaps and beyond No 11/2005 Dmitriy Plekhanov The impacts and consequences of rouble appreciation No 12/2005 Jouko Rautava Re-emerging statism and Russia’s future challenges
  • Lainela, Seija (ed.) (2005)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page No 1/2004 Tuuli Juurikkala: Survey assesses social responsibility of Russian firms No 2/2004 Seija Lainela: Wanted – Investment in Russia No 3/2004 Tapio Korhonen: Russia’s large foreign currency inflows causing liquidity problems No 4/2004 Jouko Rautava: Russia’s growth prospects for 2004–2006 No 5/2004 Aku Alanen: Russian education levels surprisingly low No 6/2004 Steven Rosefielde: Military industrial revival in Russia? No 7-8/2004 Jukka Pirttilä: Democracy key for Russia’s long-term growth No 9/2004 Gundi Royle: Gas in Russia – The drive to liberalise meets industrial reality No 10/2004 Tapio Korhonen: What could Russia do with its external financial surplus? No 11/2004 Antti Helanterä and Simon-Erik Ollus: Why they, why not we? Explaining Russia’s poor competitiveness No 12/2004 Tuomas Komulainen: Is Russia all that different from its emerging market peers?
  • Lainela, Seija (ed.) (2004)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page No 1/2003 Opinion: Are we transitioned yet? by David Lehrer No 2/2003 Opinion: Reforming Russia’s educational system by Abdur Chowdhury and Inna Verbina No 3/2003 Opinion: Registered unemployment in Russia: Does it matter? by Eugene Nivorozhkin No 4/2003 Opinion: Banking reform in Russia: A window of opportunity? by Abdur Chowdhury No 5/2003 Opinion: Economic welfare effects of EU and CIS integration Pekka Sulamaa and Mika Widgrén No 6/2003 Opinion: Why favour incumbent firms? by Laura Solanko No 7-8/2003 Opinion: Russia – a grain exporter? by Merja Tekoniemi No 9/2003 Opinion: Labour market adjustment in Russia by Natalia V. Smirnova No 10/2003 Focus: Corporate governance in Russia slow to emerge by Seija Lainela No 11/2003 Opinion: WTO accession: What’s in it for Russia? by Abdur Chowdhury No 12/2003 Opinion: Reform of the Russian forest sector by Pertti Veijola
  • Lainela, Seija (ed.) (2003)
    Economic Developments Policy Markets Focus/Opinion: Contents - 4th page 1 / 2002 Vesa Korhonen: Looking at the Russian economy in 2001-02 2 / 2002 Jouko Rautava: Don’t belittle the role of oil prices for the Russian economy 3 / 2002 Tuuli Juurikkala: Russia’s northwest regions in 2001 and the challenges ahead 4 / 2002 Matti Anttonen: A turning point in Russia’s WTO negotiations? 5 / 2002 Mirja Azeem: Finnish firms see more business in Russia - and reform needs 6 / 2002 Ilkka Salonen: The role of foreign direct investment in the Russian banking sector 7-8 / 2002 Pertti Naulapää: The dismal state of Russia’s heavy machinery industries 9 / 2002 Sergey Nikolaenko: Problems of economic statistics in Russia 10 / 2002 Hannu Hernesniemi: Emerging industrial clusters in Northwest Russia 11 / 2002 Pekka Sutela: Proximity policy - just another slogan?