The dynamics of capital structure in transition economies

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Titel: The dynamics of capital structure in transition economies
Författare: Nivorozhkin, Eugene
Institution: Bank of Finland
Avdelning / Enhet: Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT)
Serie: BOFIT Discussion Papers
Serienumber: 2/2003
Utgivningsår: 2003
Utgivningsdatum: 1.4.2003
Publicerad i: Published in Economics of Planning vol 37, no 1 (2004), pp. 25-45
Sidor: 31 s.
Nyckelord: rahoitusrakenne; tavoitteet; Tsekki; Bulgaria; mallit; siirtymätaloudet; Bofit-kokoelma
JEL: G30; G32; O12; O52
Abstrakt: This paper uses a dynamic unrestricted capital structure model to examine the determinants of the private companies' target financial leverage and the speed of adjustment to it in two transition economies, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.We explicitly model the adjustment of companies' leverage to a target leverage, and this target leverage is itself explained by a set of factors.The panel data methodology combines cross-section and time-series information.The results indicate that the Bulgarian corporate credit markets were less supply constrained than those of the Czech Republic during the period under investigation.Bulgarian companies adjusted much faster to the target leverage than Czech firms.The speed of adjustment related positively to the distance between target and observed ratio for Bulgarian companies while the relationship was neutral for Czech companies.The conservative policies of Czech banks and the exposure control were likely responsible for the slower adjustment among the larger companies while the opposite were true for Bulgarian banks and companies. G30, G32, O12, O52 capital structure; leverage; dynamic adjustment model; the Czech Republic; Bulgaria
Anmärking: Ilmestynyt myös: Economics of Planning 37 ; 1 (2004).

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