China as a regulatory state

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Titel: China as a regulatory state
Författare: Du, Julan ; Lu, Yi ; Tao, Zhigang
Institution: Bank of Finland
Avdelning / Enhet: Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT)
Serie: BOFIT Discussion Papers
Serienumber: 17/2009
Utgivningsår: 2009
Utgivningsdatum: 10.10.2009
Sidor: 40 s.
Nyckelord: Kiina; talousuudistus; markkinatalous; sääntely; yritykset; alueet; Bofit-kokoelma
Abstrakt: Market economy models differ in the degree of the power of the government vis-à-vis the market in the economy. Under the classications set forth by Glaeser and Shleifer (2002, 2003), and Djankov et al. (2003), these market models range from those emphasizing low government intervention in the market (private orderings and private litigation through courts) to those where the state is an active participant (regulatory state). This paper, using data from a survey of 3,073 private enterprises in China, constructs an index to quantify the power of the government vis-à-vis the market. Regional government power is found to vary considerably across China's regions. Notably, enterprises located in regions where government exerts more power in the market perform better, suggesting that the regulatory state model of the market economy is appropriate for China.

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