Central banking and balance sheet risks

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Titel: Central banking and balance sheet risks
Författare: Välimäki, Tuomas
Serie: Bank of Finland. Bulletin. Monetary policy and the global economy
Serienumber: 4
Utgivningsår: 2011
Sidor: 37-48
Nyckelord: rahapolitiikka; eurojärjestelmä; riskit; keskuspankit; taseet; euroalue; valuuttavaranto; EKP; Suomen Pankki;
Abstrakt: The main risks of central banking are always related to the success of the policy implemented, ie whether the decisions made lead to price stability and whether other economic policies can be supported without prejudice to price stability. Central banking is also associated with financial risks. These are relevant particularly in situations marked by destabilising developments on the financial markets and in the economy and by central bank interventions in foreign exchange, money or capital markets. Although financial returns are not a primary central bank objective, financial independence is a prerequisite for an effective conduct of monetary policy aimed at maintaining price stability. This article examines the financial risks involved in Eurosystem activities from the perspective of developments in the Eurosystem balance sheet.
Licens: https://helda.helsinki.fi/bof/copyright

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