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  • Roberts, Owen Wyn; Alexandrova, O.; Kajdic, P.; Turc, L.; Perrone, D.; Escoubet, C. P.; Walsh, A. (2017)
    At electron scales, the power spectrum of solar-wind magnetic fluctuations can be highly variable and the dissipation mechanisms of the magnetic energy into the various particle species is under debate. In this paper, we investigate data from the Cluster mission's STAFF Search Coil magnetometer when the level of turbulence is sufficiently high that the morphology of the power spectrum at electron scales can be investigated. The Cluster spacecraft sample a disturbed interval of plasma where two streams of solar wind interact. Meanwhile, several discontinuities (coherent structures) are seen in the large-scale magnetic field, while at small scales several intermittent bursts of wave activity (whistler waves) are present. Several different morphologies of the power spectrum can be identified: (1) two power laws separated by a break, (2) an exponential cutoff near the Taylor shifted electron scales, and (3) strong spectral knees at the Taylor shifted electron scales. These different morphologies are investigated by using wavelet coherence, showing that, in this interval, a clear break and strong spectral knees are features that are associated with sporadic quasi parallel propagating whistler waves, even for short times. On the other hand, when no signatures of whistler waves at similar to 0.1-0.2f(ce) are present, a clear break is difficult to find and the spectrum is often more characteristic of a power law with an exponential cutoff.
  • Kocevski, Dale D.; Hasinger, Guenther; Brightman, Murray; Nandra, Kirpal; Georgakakis, Antonis; Cappelluti, Nico; Civano, Francesca; Li, Yuxuan; Li, Yanxia; Aird, James; Alexander, David M.; Almaini, Omar; Brusa, Marcella; Buchner, Johannes; Comastri, Andrea; Conselice, Christopher J.; Dickinson, Mark A.; Finoguenov, Alexis; Gilli, Roberto; Koekemoer, Anton M.; Miyaji, Takamitsu; Mullaney, James R.; Papovich, Casey; Rosario, David; Salvato, Mara; Silverman, John D.; Somerville, Rachel S.; Ueda, Yoshihiro (2018)
    We present the X-UDS survey, a set of wide and deep Chandra observations of the Subaru-XMM Deep/UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey (SXDS/UDS) field. The survey consists of 25 observations that cover a total area of 0.33 deg(2). The observations are combined to provide a nominal depth of similar to 600 ks in the central 100 arcmin(2) region of the field that has been imaged with Hubble/WFC3 by the CANDELS survey and similar to 200 ks in the remainder of the field. In this paper, we outline the survey's scientific goals, describe our observing strategy, and detail our data reduction and point source detection algorithms. Our analysis has resulted in a total of 868 band-merged point sources detected with a false-positive Poisson probability of