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  • Strandberg, Timo (2020)
  • Strandberg, Timo E.; Urtamo, Annele; Kähärä, Juuso; Strandberg, Arto Y.; Pitkälä, Kaisu H.; Kautiainen, Hannu (2018)
    Background: Statin treatment is common among 80+ people, but little is known about statin effects on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in this oldest age group. Methods: In the Helsinki Businessmen Study (HBS), men born from 1919 to 1934 (original n = 3,490), have been followed-up since the 1960s. In 2015, a questionnaire about lifestyle, diseases, and medications, and including RAND-36/SF-36 HRQoL instrument was mailed to survivors. About 612 men (72.6%) responded, 530 of them reporting their medications (98% community-living). Propensity score analysis was used to compare statin users and nonusers for HRQoL. Results: We compared 229 current statin users (median age 85 years, interquartile range 84-88 years) with 301 nonusers (86; 84-89 years). Current statin users had had significantly higher serum cholesterol level in midlife (p <.001), but current lifestyle-related characteristics were similar in users and nonusers. Statin users reported more hypertension (61.1%, p <.001), diabetes (23.6%, p Conclusions: Our study suggests that statin treatment has no significant effect on health-related quality of life among octogenarian, community-dwelling men. The results contradict concerns about statin treatment in the oldest-old, and may caution against deprescribing of statins due to old age alone.