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  • Knoll, Daniel M.; Wiesner, Thomas B.; Marschner, Stefan M.; Hassan, Zahid; Weis, Patrick; Kappes, Manfred; Nieger, Martin; Bräse, Stefan (2019)
    This work presents a new approach to prepare mono- and disubstituted linear rigid bimetallic [2.2]paracyclophane-porphyrin conjugates via palladium-mediated Stille cross-coupling reaction. The metalated porphyrin moiety can be varied allowing convenient access to modular metal-metal fixed-distance Cu/Zn complexes.
  • Koski, Tapio K.; Suominen, Pertti K.; Raissadati, Alireza; Knihtilä, Hanna M.; Ojala, Tiina H.; Salminen, Jukka T. (2019)
    Background We evaluated whether the administration of sildenafil in children undergoing the TCPC operation shortened the interval from the operation to the removal of the pleural and peritoneal drains. Methods We retrospectively reviewed the data of 122 patients who had undergone the TCPC operation between 2004 and 2014. Patients were divided into two groups on the basis of their treatments. Sildenafil was orally administered pre-operatively in the morning of the procedure or within 24 hours after the TCPC operation to the sildenafil group (n = 48), which was compared to a control group (n = 60). Fourteen patients were excluded from the study. Results The primary outcome measure was the time from the operation to the removal of the drains. The study groups had similar demographics. The median [interquartile range] time for the removal of drains (sildenafil group 11 [8-19] vs control group 11 [7-16] d, P = .532) was comparable between the groups. The median [interquartile range] fluid balance on the first post-operative day was significantly higher (P = .001) in the sildenafil group compared with controls (47 [12-103] vs 7 [-6-67] mL kg(-1)). The first post-operative day fluid balance was a significant predictor for a prolonged need for drains in the multivariate analysis. Conclusions Sildenafil administration, pre-operatively or within 24 hours after the TCPC operation, did not reduce the required time for pleural and peritoneal drains but was associated with a significantly higher positive fluid balance.
  • Kosenius, Anna-Kaisa; Juutinen, Artti; Tyrvainen, Liisa (2020)
    Nature-based tourism (NBT) is a growing industry within regions rich in natural amenities worldwide. An important feature of NBT business is the dependence on the quality of surrounding environment. This paper addresses the role of the management of commercial forests owned by the state in Finnish Lapland. The paper explores the NBT entrepreneurs' willingness to participate in a proposed new landscape and recreational value trading (LRVT) and elaborates the effect of entrepreneur and enterprise characteristics, such as entrepreneurial attitude, venture size, and a variety of services offered to customers, on the experienced and expected growth of NBT enterprise. The survey data on NBT enterprises were analyzed with ordered and binary logit models. The willingness of enterprises to participate in LRVT depended on the venture size, entrepreneurial attitude, and type of activities offered to customers. The results show that relatively young and small-sized enterprises have faced difficulties in developing their business. Entrepreneurial experience, risk-taking and intention to develop new business associate positively with expected increase in turnover.
  • Arpalahti, Leena; Hagstrom, Jaana; Mustonen, Harri; Lundin, Mikael; Haglund, Caj; Holmberg, Carina I. (2017)
    Colorectal cancer is among the three most common cancer types for both genders, with a rising global incidence. To date, prognostic evaluation is difficult and largely dependent on early detection and successful surgery. UCHL5/Uch37 is an integral part of the protein homeostasis network as one of the three deubiquitinating enzymes associated with the 26S proteasome. Here, we have investigated in colorectal cancer the possible association of UCHL5 tumor expression and patient survival. UCHL5 tumor expression was evaluated by immunohistochemistry in 779 surgically treated colorectal cancer patients from Helsinki University Hospital, Finland, with assessment of clinicopathological parameters and the effect of UCHL5 expression on patient survival. High and undetectable UCHL5 expression both correlated with increased overall disease-specific survival in the subgroup of patients with lymph-node-positive (Dukes C/stage III) rectal cancer. Within this subgroup of 105 stage-III rectal cancer patients, none of the 7 with high UCHL5 expression died of colorectal cancer within 10 years after surgery (p = 0.012). A similar, though less prominent, survival trend occurred throughout the whole patient cohort. In conclusion, UCHL5 is a promising novel prognostic marker in lymph-node-positive rectal cancer. Our results also advance the currently limited knowledge of biomarkers in colorectal cancer treatment.