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  • Prabhakar, Neeraj; Belevich, Ilya; Peurla, Markus; Heiligenstein, Xavier; Chang, Huan-Cheng; Sahlgren, Cecilia; Jokitalo, Eija; Rosenholm, Jessica M. (2020)
    Three-dimensional correlative light and electron microscopy (3D CLEM) is attaining popularity as a potential technique to explore the functional aspects of a cell together with high-resolution ultrastructural details across the cell volume. To perform such a 3D CLEM experiment, there is an imperative requirement for multi-modal probes that are both fluorescent and electron-dense. These multi-modal probes will serve as landmarks in matching up the large full cell volume datasets acquired by different imaging modalities. Fluorescent nanodiamonds (FNDs) are a unique nanosized, fluorescent, and electron-dense material from the nanocarbon family. We hereby propose a novel and straightforward method for executing 3D CLEM using FNDs as multi-modal landmarks. We demonstrate that FND is biocompatible and is easily identified both in living cell fluorescence imaging and in serial block-face scanning electron microscopy (SB-EM). We illustrate the method by registering multi-modal datasets.