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  • Olkkonen, Maria; Saarela, Toni (2018)
  • Launonen, Lari Tapani (2017)
    The argument from divine hiddenness has become the second most important philosophical argument raised against the existence of God (the first one being the problem of evil). According to J.L. Schellenberg (b. 1959), God does not exist because non-resistant non-belief exists. In other words, there are forms of non-belief that are not the result of people resisting a relationship with God. For instance, some people honestly seek God but feel that they cannot find him or good evidence of him. Schellenberg claims that a perfectly loving God would always be open to enter into a relationship with non-resistant individuals. The article explains the argument and some common suggestions why God may hide from some people.
  • Heikkilä, Jenni; Meronen, Auli; Richardson, Ulla; Ahonen, Timo; Tiippana, Kaisa (Puheen ja kielen tutkimuksen yhdistys, 2020)
    Puheen ja kielen tutkimuksen yhdistyksen julkaisuja
  • Ylinen, Sari; Kurimo, Mikko (Gaudeamus, 2017)
  • Service, Elisabet; Laasonen, Marja (Gaudeamus, 2019)
  • Korkeamäki, J. (Gaudeamus, 2019)
  • Torppa, Ritva; Huotilainen, Minna (2010)
    We review the possible mechanisms by which music may enhance the evelopment of spoken language, and report preliminary results from our studies with cochlear implant (CI) children. One important finding in these studies is a connection of exposure to parental singing with better ability to perceive contrastive focus and stress in speech. Our preliminary conclusions are that being sung to maintains the child’s attention for extended periods, and that the larger differences in pitch, intensity and duration in song in comparison to speech may help direct attention towards cues in song that also have a role in the perception of speech prosody. This may be of crucial importance for children with hearing impairment, because it may help them to segment the continuous speech stream into words and thus enhance learning of spoken language. Thus, music seems able to play animportant part in the rehabilitation of children with hearing impairment.
  • Telakivi, Pii; Arstila, Valtteri (Gaudeamus, 2021)
  • Lappi, Mikko Otto Tapio; Rusanen, Anna-Mari; Pekkanen, Jami Joonas Olavi (2018)
    Tässä kirjoituksessa tarkastelemme tekoälytutkimusta, sen historiaa ja nykytilaa kognitiotieteen näkökulmasta. Se on sikäli ainutlaatuinen, että kognitiotiede on (ainoa) tutkimusala, joka tarkastelee ihmis- ja tekoälyjärjestelmiä täsmälleen samasta näkökulmasta, eli monimutkaisina informaatiota prosessoivina järjestelminä.