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  • Moosmang, Simon; Siltari, Aino; Bolzer, Marie-Theres; Kiechl, Stefan; Sturm, Sonja; Stuppner, Hermann (2019)
    Dairy products are an important part of a nutritionally balanced diet as their constituents can affect the human state of health. By inhibiting the angiotensin I-converting enzyme, the tripeptides Val-Pro-Pro, Ile-Pro-Pro, and Leu-Pro-Pro can lower blood pressure. As these peptides are produced during fermentation, they are found in various dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, etc., but except for cheese only little is known about their content. To investigate how other dairy products contribute to a supply of these antihypertensive peptides, we developed and validated a fast and sensitive assay for quantification of the three tripeptides with LC-MS/MS combined with a simple protocol for extraction and SPE-purification from yoghurt, curd, or other products. Finally, the entire method was successfully applied to survey peptide concentrations in samples from local dairies and thus expands our awareness on the content of antihypertensive peptides in our food. (C) 2019 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • ARIA Grp; Bousquet, Jean; Anto, Josep M.; Iaccarino, Guido; Haahtela, Tari; Zuberbier, Torsten (2020)
    Reported COVID-19 deaths in Germany are relatively low as compared to many European countries. Among the several explanations proposed, an early and large testing of the population was put forward. Most current debates on COVID-19 focus on the differences among countries, but little attention has been given to regional differences and diet. The low-death rate European countries (e.g. Austria, Baltic States, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia) have used different quarantine and/or confinement times and methods and none have performed as many early tests as Germany. Among other factors that may be significant are the dietary habits. It seems that some foods largely used in these countries may reduce angiotensin-converting enzyme activity or are anti-oxidants. Among the many possible areas of research, it might be important to understand diet and angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2) levels in populations with different COVID-19 death rates since dietary interventions may be of great benefit.
  • Siltari, Aino; Vapaatalo, Heikki; Korpela, Riitta (2019)
    Epidemiological studies have revealed that consumption of milk and fermented dairy products is inversely associated with elevated blood pressure and with many of the risk factors of the metabolic syndrome. Previously, calcium was thought to be behind this phenomenon, but during the last 20 years, convincing evidence emerging from experimental, epidemiological and intervention studies has highlighted the important role of the small peptides formed during fermentation processes. This review provides an overview of the potential blood pressure lowering components present in dairy products with a special focus on casein-derived tripeptides.