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  • Sipiläinen, Toni (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    The aim of this study was to examine first grade student’s mindsets about learning and how these mindsets are to be seen in the classroom context. Main research question were: 1. What kind of mindsets related to learning did there emerge? And 2. Was the any differences or connection to the pre tested mindset. This stydy is based on the mindset theory by Dweck (2000), in witch is studied growth mindset and fixed mindset and their affect to person’s behaviour. The theory presumes that growth mindset leads to thinking where human qualities are malleable. Whereas fixed mindset is thought to lead thinking where human qualities and skills are set. In this qualitative case study the aim was to study to student with different mindsets and their behaviour in the classroom. The data of this study included observations, videotaping and stimulated recall interviews. The analyse of the data was done theory based, based on Dweck`s (2000) mindset theory. In the stydy the mindset pre-test is also used. The results suggest that student’s pre tested mindsets influence to the situation and behaviour that is seen in the classroom. In the behaviour of the pre tested student with clearer growth mindset it was seen more growth mindset situations and in the behaviour of with the pre tested fixed mindset sudent, it was seen more situation with fixed mindset interpretation. Student own interpretations from the situations levelled out the difference between students and their mindset behaviour. In both student it was seen both fixed mindset behaviour and growth mindset behaviour. To make more precise conclusions it would need more boarder study and longer observation period and more interviews with the same student.