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  • Lehtonen, Anni (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    The theme of this Master´s Thesis is the campaign rhetoric of a nonprofit organization. #Don´t tell Martti was a fundraising and brand building campaign of peace broker organization Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) during the spring 2017. This study aims to produce knowledge of what kind of rhetoric organizations are using in social media and how we can understand it through the theory of dramatism. Organization´s use of social media has not attracted a lot of research attention. Nonprofit organization´s campaign communication and persuasion to donate is new study field and lately it has captured the interest of many different scientific fields. Despite this, studies where nonprofit organizations campaign rhetoric and social media would have been studied together are rare. At the same time nonprofit organizations aim to fundraise more from the private sector and social media as a fundraising tool is very important to them. This qualitative study falls under the tradition of social constructionism. The method for analysis is dramatism that falls under to the tradition of new rhetoric and has been created by a philosopher and literature critic Kenneth Burke in the mid of 20th century. In this way this study combines old analysis method to very new and modern environment, social media. The data for the study are the campaign publications in Facebook from 20th of April to 15th of June 2017.These 48 publications included text, photos, photo album and videos. #Don´t tell Martti campaign had many different motivations: to surprise President Martti Ahtisaari on his birthday, to fundraise money to peace building, to raise CMI´s brand recognition and to create an image of CMI as a trustworthy, but relaxed and humorous nonprofit organization. In the campaign communication the context of social media is strongly present: the language is relaxed, interpersonal, not factual and informative. Building the trust to this not so well-known organization was done by advocates in high positions from different companies. This campaign combined the current moment, friskiness, humour, reliability and it was surprising. Social media has become the place for the organizations to be humorous. Humour is more and more popular in the nonprofit organizations communication as well. This study shows that humour works in fundraising at least when it was also combined with the professional image. Campaign communication in social media is more and more interactive and it is aiming to create content that would get likes, comments and it would be shared forward to get more visibility.