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  • Gonsalves, Basil C.; Mizohata, Kenichiro; Tikkanen, Pertti O.; Räisänen, Jyrki A. (2020)
    The yields of Be-9 charge states (q = +1, + 2, +3, and + 4) from injected BeO- were measured with terminal voltage range from 1 to 5 MV. The yields were determined from the momentum analysed beam currents measured by beam profile monitors, after the 90 degrees injector and analysing magnets. Stripping gas pressure dependency of the transmission efficiency was also determined and the results were studied with SRIM simulations. The effect of stripping medium was studied using both Ar and CO2 gases. The presented results are compared against experimental values found from literature, semi-empirical parametrisation models, and charge-exchange theories.