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  • El Missiry, Mohamed; Awad, Shady Adnan; Koskela, Hanna Laura Maria; Al-Samadi, Ahmed; Ekblom, Marja; Markevan, Berit; Astrand-Grundstrom, Ingbritt; Wold, Maren; Svedahl, Ellen Rabben; Juhl, Birgitte Ravn; Bjerrum, Ole Weis; Haulin, Inger; Porkka, Kimmo; Olsson-Stromberg, Ulla; Hjorth-Hansen, Henrik; Mustjoki, Satu (2016)
    Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) used in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia have been reported to induce immunomodulatory effects. We aimed to assess peripheral blood (PB) and bone marrow (BM) lymphocyte status at the diagnosis and during different TKI therapies and correlate it with treatment responses. BM and PB samples were acquired from 105 first-line TKI-treated patients. Relative number of BM lymphocytes was evaluated from MGG-stained BM aspirates, and immunophenotypic analyses were performed with multicolour flow cytometry. Early 3-month expansion of BM lymphocytes was found during all different TKIs (imatinib n = 71, 20 %; dasatinib n = 25, 21 %; nilotinib n = 9, 22 %; healthy controls n = 14, 12 %, p <0.0001). Increased PB lymphocyte count was only observed during dasatinib therapy. The BM lymphocyte expansion was associated with early molecular response; patients with 3-month BCR-ABL1 <10 % showed higher lymphocyte counts than patients with BCR-ABL1 > 10 % (23 vs. 17 %, p <0.05). Detailed phenotypic analysis showed that BM lymphocyte expansion consisted of various lymphocyte subclasses, but especially the proportion of CD19+ B cells and CD3negCD16/56+ NK cells increased from diagnostic values. During dasatinib treatment, the lymphocyte balance in both BM and PB was shifted more to cytotoxic direction (increased CD8+CD57+ and CD8+HLA-DR+ cells, and low T regulatory cells), whereas no major immunophenotypic differences were observed between imatinib and nilotinib patients. Early BM lymphocytosis occurs with all current first-line TKIs and is associated with better treatment responses. PB and BM immunoprofile during dasatinib treatment markedly differs from both imatinib- and nilotinib-treated patients.
  • Kreutzman, Anna; Rohon, Peter; Faber, Edgar; Indrak, Karel; Juvonen, Vesa; Kairisto, Veli; Voglova, Jaroslava; Sinisalo, Marjatta; Flochova, Emilia; Vakkila, Jukka; Arstila, Petteri; Porkka, Kimmo; Mustjoki, Satu (2011)
  • Soderlund, Stina; Christiansson, Lisa; Persson, Inger; Hjorth-Hansen, Henrik; Richter, Johan; Simonsson, Bengt; Mustjoki, Satu; Olsson-Stromberg, Ulla; Loskog, Angelica (2016)
    Background and aims: The simultaneous measurement of many proteins is now possible using multiplex assays. In this pilot study we investigated a total of 124 proteins in plasma from chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients with the purpose of identifying proteins that are differently expressed at diagnosis and after tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) treatment initiation. Methods: Samples were taken from 14 CML patients at diagnosis and after three months of TKI treatment (imatinib or dasatinib). Samples were analyzed by Mesoscale Discovery, Myriad RBM MAP technology and Olink Proseek. Results: Multiple plasma proteins were differentially expressed before and after initiation of TKI therapy. Protein patterns demonstrated a possible shift towards Th1-immunity and reduced angiogenic stimuli. Further, some plasma proteins were identified that can be of potential interest to study further for biologic, prognostic or therapeutic significance such as E-selectin, uPAR, growth hormone and carbonic anhydrase IX. Conclusions: Plasma proteomics seems feasible and useful in CML patients, both for studying patterns of protein expression and for identifying single proteins differentially expressed before and after treatment. Plasma proteomics may be useful to map disease activity and biological processes. Hence, plasma proteomics can be used to understand drug mechanisms and treatment responses in CML. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Rajala, Hanna L. M.; Olson, Thomas; Clemente, Michael J.; Lagstrom, Sonja; Ellonen, Pekka; Lundan, Tuija; Hamm, David E.; Zaman, Syed Arshi Uz; Marti, Jesus M. Lopez; Andersson, Emma I.; Jerez, Andres; Porkka, Kimmo; Maciejewski, Jaroslaw P.; Loughran, Thomas P.; Mustjoki, Satu (2015)