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  • Kommeri, Jukka; Niemi, Tapio; Nurminen, Jukka K. (2017)
    Cloud computing is an essential part of today's computing world. Continuously increasing amount of computation with varying resource requirements is placed in large data centers. The variation among computing tasks, both in their resource requirements and time of processing, makes it possible to optimize the usage of physical hardware by applying cloud technologies. In this work, we develop a prototype system for load-based management of virtual machines in an OpenStack computing cluster. Our prototype is based on an idea of 'packing' idle virtual machines into special park servers optimized for this purpose. We evaluate the method by running real high-energy physics analysis software in an OpenStack test cluster and by simulating the same principle using the Cloudsim simulator software. The results show a clear improvement, 9-48 %, in the total energy efficiency when using our method together with resource overbooking and heterogeneous hardware.
  • Nurminen, J. K.; Niemi, T.; Strandman, J.; Ruokosuo, K. (2018)
    The Sunburn solar computer system is based on the idea of consuming the excess electricity of photovoltaic energy systems for useful computing. In this way, the proposed approach allows us to move a part of computing capacity from dedicated data centers to individual solar energy systems and thereby reduce the energy consumption of the data centers. In principle, the proposed mechanism converts the excess electrical energy into valuable computation. The results of computation or data processing are easier to store and transfer than produced electricity. In small-scale systems, the benefit from storing or selling the excess electricity is small, whereas the benefit from selling the generated data is potentially larger, as we demonstrate in this study. Finally, the technical feasibility of the solution is illustrated by constructing and evaluating a prototype implementation using excess solar energy for distributed BOINC computing.