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  • Keltanen, Terhi N.; Heikman, Pertti K.; Muhonen, Leea H.; Gunnar, Teemu O.; Ojanperä, Ilkka A. (2019)
    Urine samples were analyzed for lactose to investigate if elevated lactose concentrations indicate recent (<48 hours) intravenous abuse of substances containing lactose as an excipient. Elevated lactose levels were found in samples given by patients who had recently injected substances intravenously, verified by fresh injection marks. Urine lactose assay can support clinical and toxicological findings when assessing substance abuse.
  • Juvonen, Minna; Bakx, Edwin; Schols, Henk; Tenkanen, Maija (2022)
    The potential of travelling wave ion mobility spectroscopy in combination with collision induced dissociation tandem mass spectrometry (CID-TWIMS-MS/MS) to separate cereal-derived isomeric arabinoxylanoligosaccharides (A)XOS was investigated. Three trisaccharide, four tetrasaccharide, and four pentasaccharide (A)XOS isomers were analyzed by positive and negative ionization TWIMS-MS and CID-TWIMS-MS/MS. The triand pentasaccharide isomers were distinguishable by the ATDs of the precursor ions. The CID-TWIMS-MS/MS could separate most of the isomeric fragment ions produced from tetra- and pentasaccharide (A)XOS. Finally, the base peak mobility spectrum is introduced as a practical tool for (A)XOS fingerprinting.