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  • Tamm, Aile; Kalam, Kristjan; Seemen, Helina; Kozlova, Jekaterina; Kukli, Kaupo; Aarik, Jaan; Link, Joosep; Stern, Raivo; Duenas, Salvador; Castan, Helena (2017)
    Mixed films of a high-permittivity oxide, Er2O3, and a magnetic material, Fe2O3, were grown by atomic layer deposition on silicon and titanium nitride at 375 degrees C using erbium diketonate, ferrocene, and ozone as precursors. Crystalline phases of erbium and iron oxides were formed. Growth into three-dimensional trenched structures was demonstrated. A structure deposited using tens to hundreds subsequent cycles for both constituent metal oxide layers promoted both charge polarization and saturative magnetization compared to those in the more homogeneously mixed films.