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  • Salonen, Karoliina (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    Tiivistelmä - Referat - Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine the digitalization of finnish elementary school. The digitalization of elementary school is one of the main processes in finnish educational field. Digitalization is expected to renew obsolete pedagogical practices and teaching methods. Digitalization of education is seen as a way to achieve wanted know-how, but also it is ambition in itself. The material of this research consists such textual ensembles that has influence to organizing the finnish schooling. Material is comprised of finnish curriculum, and two reports that consider the development of the digitalization in finnish elementary school. The research analyse were made in discourse analytic framework, by analysing the texts seeking those discourses that were produced by speech, and also seeking those discourses that was able to see and witch were constructed by silences. The idea of discourse analyse is that spesific authoric speech is a use of poerty and way to build "truths". These truths are given to us, and usually accepted by us without granted. The digitalization of finnish elementary school is seen in this research as such given truth, that we accept and follow, despite the fact that there is several contradictory discourses linked to it. As a result of this study can be proposed that the digitalization of finnish elementary school is justified by arguing it as necessary citizen expertise that helps individual survive in the continuosly changing labour markets and society. This discourse consists the idea of lifelong learning. The digitalization of elementary school can be also seen as a discourse, where the main ambition is to maximize the governmentary finances and its growth, as a way to empower the competitiveness of the state. Third main discourse that were able to identify, is digitaliazations connection to neoliberalistic technology-economic orientation, that maintains the western economics, which ambition is to gain continuous growth of economics by production that is closely linked to ecological destruction and damage of environment of our planet.