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  • Kommeri, Jukka; Niemi, Tapio; Nurminen, Jukka K. (2017)
    Cloud computing is an essential part of today's computing world. Continuously increasing amount of computation with varying resource requirements is placed in large data centers. The variation among computing tasks, both in their resource requirements and time of processing, makes it possible to optimize the usage of physical hardware by applying cloud technologies. In this work, we develop a prototype system for load-based management of virtual machines in an OpenStack computing cluster. Our prototype is based on an idea of 'packing' idle virtual machines into special park servers optimized for this purpose. We evaluate the method by running real high-energy physics analysis software in an OpenStack test cluster and by simulating the same principle using the Cloudsim simulator software. The results show a clear improvement, 9-48 %, in the total energy efficiency when using our method together with resource overbooking and heterogeneous hardware.
  • Niemi, Tapio; Nurminen, Jukka K.; Liukkonen, Juha-Matti; Hameri, Ari-Pekka (2018)
    High-energy physics studies collisions of particles traveling near the speed of light. For statistically significant results, physicists need to analyze a huge number of such events. One analysis job can take days and process tens of millions of collisions. Today the experiments of the large hadron collider (LHC) create 10 GB of data per second and a future upgrade will cause a ten-fold increase in data. The data analysis requires not only massive hardware but also a lot of electricity. In this article, we discuss energy efficiency in scientific computing and review a set of intermixed approaches we have developed in our Green Big Data project to improve energy efficiency of CERN computing. These approaches include making energy consumption visible to developers and users, architectural improvements, smarter management of computing jobs, and benefits of cloud technologies. The open and innovative environment at CERN is an excellent playground for different energy efficiency ideas which can later find use in mainstream computing. (C) 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.