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  • Siegl, Florian (Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto, 2022)
    Forest Enets has two caritive derivations (Sorokina 2010: 148–150; Siegl 2013: 170–172) which, so far, were covered comparatively shallowly. The central task of this study is to delimit the morphosyntax of the verbal -ši and the nominal caritive -šuđ derivations with a short note on functionally and etymologically similar categories in Tundra Enets and Tundra Nenets. Furthermore, the morphosyntactic properties of the Forest Enets nominal caritive will be discussed with special reference to other participant-oriented adjuncts (Himmelmann & Schultze-Berndt 2005) such as essive, benefactive and comitative derivations.
  • Khanina, Olesya; Shluinsky, Andrey (Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto, 2022)
    With this paper, we aim to summarize linguistic facts on the similarity or the difference between the two Enets lects. Indeed, a full account of the linguistic differences between the two Enets has never been provided. Scholars of Enets have referred to a handful of evident diverging reflexes of Proto-Northern-Samoyed phonemes and a dozen of non-cognate lexemes with identical meanings, without going any further (Prokof’ev 1937; Tereščenko 1966; Helimski 1984/2000). The grammatical features of Forest and Tundra Enets have never been systematically compared.
  • Pleshak, Polina (Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto, 2022)