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  • Sartelli, Massimo; Catena, Fausto; Ansaloni, Luca; Moore, Ernest; Malangoni, Mark; Velmahos, George; Coimbra, Raul; Koike, Kaoru; Leppäniemi, Ari; Biffl, Walter; Balogh, Zsolt; Bendinelli, Cino; Gupta, Sanjay; Kluger, Yoram; Agresta, Ferdinando; di Saverio, Salomone; Tugnoli, Gregorio; Jovine, Elio; Ordonez, Carlos; Gomes, Carlos Augusto; Pereira Junior, Gerson Alves; Yuan, Kuo-Ching; Bala, Miklosh; Peev, Miroslav P.; Cui, Yunfeng; Marwah, Sanjay; Zachariah, Sanoop; Sakakushev, Boris; Kong, Victor; Ahmed, Adamu; Abbas, Ashraf; Teixeira Gonsaga, Ricardo Alessandro; Guercioni, Gianluca; Vettoretto, Nereo; Poiasina, Elia; Ben-Ishay, Offir; Diaz-Nieto, Rafael; Massalou, Damien; Skrovina, Matej; Gerych, Ihor; Augustin, Goran; Kenig, Jakub; Khokha, Vladimir; Trana, Cristian; Kok, Kenneth Yuh Yen; Chichom Mefire, Alain; Lee, Jae Gil; Hong, Suk-Kyung; Segovia Lohse, Helmut Alfredo; Ghnnam, Wagih; Verni, Alfredo; Lohsiriwat, Varut; Siribumrungwong, Boonying; Tavares, Alberto; Baiocchi, Gianluca; Das, Koray; Jarry, Julien; Zida, Maurice; Sato, Norio; Murata, Kiyoshi; Shoko, Tomohisa; Irahara, Takayuki; Hamedelneel, Ahmed O.; Naidoo, Noel; Adesunkanmi, Abdul Rashid Kayode; Kobe, Yoshiro; Attri, A. K.; Sharma, Rajeev; Coccolini, Federico; El Zalabany, Tamer; Al Khalifa, Khalid; Sanjuan, Juan; Barnabe, Rita; Ishii, Wataru (2013)
  • Sternby, Hanna; Verdonk, Robert C.; Aguilar, Guadalupe; Dimova, Alexandra; Ignatavicius, Povilas; Ilzarbe, Lucas; Koiva, Peeter; Lantto, Eila; Loigom, Tonis; Penttilä, Anne; Regner, Sara; Rosendahl, Jonas; Strahinova, Vanya; Zackrisson, Sophia; Zviniene, Kristina; Bollen, Thomas L. (2016)
    Background: For consistent reporting and better comparison of data in research the revised Atlanta classification (RAC) proposes new computed tomography (CT) criteria to describe the morphology of acute pancreatitis (AP). The aim of this study was to analyse the interobserver agreement among radiologists in evaluating CT morphology by using the new RAC criteria in patients with AP. Methods: Patients with a first episode of AP who obtained a CT were identified and consecutively enrolled at six European centres backwards from January 2013 to January 2012. A local radiologist at each center and a central expert radiologist scored the Cfs separately using the RAC criteria. Center dependent and independent interobserver agreement was determined using Kappa statistics. Results: In total, 285 patients with 388 CTs were included. For most CT criteria, interobserver agreement was moderate to substantial. In four categories, the center independent kappa values were fair: extrapancreatic necrosis (EXPN) (0.326), type of pancreatitis (0.370), characteristics of collections (0.408), and appropriate term of collections (0.356). The fair kappa values relate to discrepancies in the identification of extrapancreatic necrotic material. The local radiologists diagnosed EXPN (33% versus 59%, P <0.0001) and non-homogeneous collections (35% versus 66%, P <0.0001) significantly less frequent than the central expert. Cases read by the central expert showed superior correlation with clinical outcome. Conclusion: Diagnosis of EXPN and recognition of non-homogeneous collections show only fair agreement potentially resulting in inconsistent reporting of morphologic findings. (C) 2016 IAP and EPC. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
  • Udd, M.; Kylänpää, L.; Kokkola, A. (2020)
    Chronic pancreatitis is a long-term illness leading to hospital admissions and readmission. This disease is often caused by heavy alcohol consumption and smoking. Patients with chronic pancreatitis suffer from acute or chronic pain episodes, recurrent pancreatitis, and complications, such as pseudocysts, biliary duct strictures, and pancreatic duct fistulas. Pancreatic duct strictures and stones may increase intraductal pressure and cause pain. Endoscopic therapy is aiming at decompressing the pressure and relieving the pain, most commonly with pancreatic duct stents and pancreatic duct stone retrieval. Early surgery is another option to treat the pain. In addition, endotherapy has been successful in treating complications related to chronic pancreatitis. The therapy should be individually chosen in a multidisciplinary meeting. Endoscopic therapy and surgery as treatment options for chronic pancreatitis are discussed in this review.