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  • Karisalmi, Nina; Kaipio, Johanna; Lahdenne, Pekka (2017)
    Healthcare providers are increasingly paying attention to their customer’s experiences - meaning experiences of patients. This article reports a study which is part of a larger Lapsus research project. The aim of the project is to explore the perceptions and the experiences of child patients and their families about their visits to the hospital, about the given treatment and care, and about their everyday life with the illness. This article reports issues which children using special healthcare services consider as important and valuable in their experiences as patients. Basing on these issues the paper describes how digital services in the future can be incorporated in the patient paths of the children to enhance their patient experience. The study data was gathered from 10–16-year old chronically ill children with video diaries. All together 14 children participated in the study. The results show which issues are working fine and which still need improvements in the treatment of the children, as well as future wishes the children have regarding their care. These observations can be categorized into three themes: physical aspects, communication with the child and the family as well as ease and rationality of the care. Other things the children found valuable were practical and cosy spaces, individual and warm communication with professionals, continuity of care, and ease of visits and care. With these findings in mind, the improvement activities should focus on physical alterations, points of interaction in various phases of patient paths and digital services. In the future digital services may become a pivotal way to support better patient experience of children and their families.
  • Kinnunen, Marina; Mönttinen, Helena; Aaltonen, Leena-Maija; Roine, Risto P. (2017)
    Terveydenhuollon toimintayksiköiden lääkkeet on tarkoitettu vain potilaille. Sairaaloiden lääkekaapeista on usein valitettavan helppoa ottaa lääkkeitä myös omaan käyttöön. Ratkaisevaa on, kuinka organisaatio suhtautuu tähän.