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  • Sennikov, Alexander Nikolaevich; Kazakova, Marina (2015)
    The records of H. murorum s.l. or H. gentile from the Ryazan Region were found to belong to H. lepistoides (native), H. sylvularum (established alien, new to the Ryazan Region) and an unidentified species of Hieracium (alien). The records of H. vulgatum or H. jaccardii from the Ryazan Region belong to another unidentified alien species. Hieracium lepistoides is reported as new to the Vladimir Region, restricted to the Meshchera Lowlands. Hieracium robustum (new to the Ryazan Region) was found sympatric with H. virosum.
  • Norrlin, Johan Petter (Helsinki : Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, 1906)
  • Tyler, Torbjorn; Sennikov, Alexander N. (2015)
    Twenty-six names of taxa of Hieracium sections Hieracium, Bifida and Vulgata (Asteraceae) described by the Finnish author J.P. Norrlin based on material from central Sweden and adjacent Norway and originally published in 1888 are lectotypified, and their applications are discussed. The replacement name H. cognatum T. Tyler & Sennikov is proposed as a substitute for the illegitimate H. propinquum (Norrl. ex Hamb.) Johanss., non Sudre.