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  • Kantosalo, Anna Aurora; Toivanen, Jukka Mikael; Toivonen, Hannu Tauno Tapani (Brigham Young University, 2015)
    Interaction design has been suggested as a framework for evaluating computational creativity by Bown (2014). Yet few practical accounts on using an Interaction Design based evaluation strategy in Computational Creativity Contexts have been reported in the literature. This study paper describes the evaluation process and results of a human-computer co-creative poetry writing tool intended for children in a school context. We specifically focus on one formative evaluation case utilizing Interaction Design evaluation methods, offering a suggestion on how to conduct Interaction Design based evaluation in a computational creativity context, as well as, report the results of the evaluation itself. The evaluation process is considered from the perspective of a computational creativity researcher and we focus on challenges and benefits of the interaction design evaluation approach within a computational creativity project context.
  • Makitalo, Niko; Flores-Martin, Daniel; Berrocal, Javier; Garcia-Alonso, Jose; Ihantola, Petri; Ometov, Aleksandr; Murillo, Juan Manuel; Mikkonen, Tommi (2020)
    Today, creating innovative Internet of Bodies solutions requires manually gathering the needed information from an increasing number of services and personal devices. In this article, we tackle this challenge by presenting Human Data Model-a programming framework for combining information from several sources, performing computations over that information to high-level abstractions, and then providing these abstractions to proactively schedule computer-human interactions.