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  • Cervera, A.; Rantanen, V.; Ovaska, K.; Laakso, M.; Nuñez-Fontarnau, J.; Alkodsi, A.; Casado, J.; Facciotto, C.; Häkkinen, A.; Louhimo, R.; Karinen, S.; Zhang, K.; Lavikka, K.; Lyly, L.; Pal Singh, M.; Hautaniemi, S. (2019)
    aSummary: Anduril is an analysis and integration framework that facilitates the design, use, parallelization and reproducibility of bioinformatics workflows. Anduril has been upgraded to use Scala for pipeline construction, which simplifies software maintenance, and facilitates design of complex pipelines. Additionally, Anduril's bioinformatics repository has been expanded with multiple components, and tutorial pipelines, for next-generation sequencing data analysis.