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  • Lindström, Jan Krister (2014)
    This paper presents the intellectual background for the research direction Interactional linguistics, its basic discovery procedures and the central topics. Interactional linguistics is based on the empirical methods developed in Conversation Analysis, not least sequential analysis which investigates every utterance in a conversation as a response to a prior utterance and as a platform for the next contribution. Central topics include lexical and syntactic resources for turn construction and, in addition to this, prosodic and non-verbal resources for action construction. The topics can be approached from the perspective of a specific linguistic form and its correlation with social action, or from the perspective of a specific type of action and its correlation with linguistic form. Because talk-in-interaction is constructed in a temporally linear process, the paper discusses especially the interdependency of turn/action construction and sequential organization. With the help of conversational examples, three types of organization are highlighted: the internal directionality of turn constructional units, the sequentiality of turn constructional units as building blocks in multi-unit turns, and the sequentiality of turns in a series of turns. The examples suggest that the linguistic and interactional organization rest on a balance between a global grammar (of a language) and local grammars constrained by the directional and sequential positions of turns and the units within them.